Why investing with
Real Diamond Invest

The Worths of Real Diamond Invest

Accuracy, transparency and professionalism are our qualities.

We exclusively select high quality diamonds, which come from zone conflict free and we demand the same accuracy to the producers. We subscribed to the Kimberley Process Scheme (KPCS or KP), an international protocol that limits all the subscribed countries to reach a series of accurate transparency requirements that prevent stones meant to be illegal from entering in market.

We are one of the italian societies to have a broker qualification to enter to Tel Aviv diamond exchange.

Would you buy a famous painting from someone who knows nothing about art? Absolutely not

Reliability and accuracy are important to decide to buy a precious stone that will reamain in your own assets for years and maybe will be handed down from one generation to another. Similarly, you cannot buy a diamond for investment from anyone.

You should see an expert, who has a complete knowledge about every type of diamond.

Real Diamond Invest is ”The Diamond Atelier”

Imagine to come in the atelier, you will be hosted and helped to satify your requests, necessities and your desires. Real Diamond Invest helps the investor to create his portfolio of diamondsfor investment, according to his necessities and his life style.

Real Diamond Invest answers the following questions:

  • How to protect your assets

  • How to hand down your assets

  • How to create your diamond assets

  • How to replace your investment

What we offer

1°  Expert advice to investors who would like to add diamonds of any carat and color to their portfolio;

2° Rare Diamonds: exclusive personalized research;

3° Fancy Color Diamonds: any color tonalities;

4° Exceptional White Diamonds;

5° Jewels creation: service at the Atelier.


  1. International gemological certification (GIA-HRD-IGI).
  2. Micro-laser of the certified code on the diamond girdle.
  3. Guaranteed transport service.
  4. Free vault.

Price List

Real Diamond Invest has the best prices on the national area, it sells directly to investors without any intermediaries. The price list is addressed to institutional investors for investments over 500.000,00 euros.

Personalized Jewel

For those who would like to wear a natural diamond, our designer will create your desired jewel exclusively.

The perfect gift for any special moment


Real Diamond Invest helps its clients when they will sell their investment, it is a very important service because the client can not be left if he decides to convert his diamond investment in liquidity.

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