why buying diamonds for investment?

Investing in diamonds is suitable for those who are looking for a safe-haven asset with a stable growth of the invested capital. The diamond for investment is part of the prestigious international market, extremely firm and constantly growing. It is suitable for the savers who would like to have a value reserve for the future, protecting themselves from negative events as inflation, devaluation, economic, financial and political crisis
A rare, unique, precious, exclusive and everlasting stone.

Why having a Diamond for Investment?

  • Safe profits;
  • It protects your assets;
  • Its quotation is going to increase naturally, also because the mines will be soon depleted;
  • It does not depend on political/currency influences;
  • It can be easily converted in money, it is a good to the bearer;
  • It can be sold off everywhere, even where there are difficult political and social situations, but it has to be combined with a internationally approved certification;
  • The diamond is a free movement good;
  • It is not taxable, you do not have to declare the capital gain, the profits are net;
  • You can hold your investment physically.

It is suitable for those savers who, have already invested in financial instruments and/or real estates, would like to diversify their assets.

Growing Value


Only 20% of rough extracted diamonds have the ideal quality for jewellery and less than 2% can be considered for investment.


A natural masterpiece like no other one, that can be simply admired and that becomes more and more rare over time.

Natural Fancy Color Diamonds

Diamonds can have all the rainbow colors: white, yellow, pink, red, green, blue, orange, purple, black and many others.

Diamonds with saturated colors have a great value because of their rarity, they are a real miracle of nature. Only 0,01% of all extracted diamonds is colored.

Color = Beauty

A niche market for the real lovers of the beauty. The color diamond is the new status symbol for those who have financial resources to invest in. The demand has been increasing for 5 years.

In the next 20 years, without any new mines, the natural diamond offer will decrease. Consequently, the rarity will lead to a double figures growth of value year after year.

The Growth

Percentage of growth in the last 13 years: 2005 – 2018.














+ 391,1;





+209 %


Increases in values (dollars).

Source: FCRF

Why having a Color Diamond?

Because you can build your assets 100% safe, far from financial market instability.

A million of Euros: a great fortune on your fingertips.

Why is it a construction of assets?

Like all the things that count in life, when an object is rarer, it becomes more precious over time.

The currently increase of demand for color diamonds is the guarantee of an expanding global market of reselling.

Why buying a Pink Diamond now?

Symbol of eternal bond, unbreakable and amazing, prestige and fashion icon. A special investment for yourselves and for your sons. Holding a pink diamond on your hand means creating an exclusive bond with the stone, a relationship that goes beyond its value and beauty.

The moment to buy a pink diamond is now.

95% of pink diamonds on Earth are mined in the Australian mine named Argyle, belonging to Rio Tinto. The mine has been operating since the early ‘80s. A whole year of production is not enough for filling the palm of your hand.

he global offer will decrease by 90% by 2021

Recently, Rio Tinto has announced that the Argyle mine will be closed from 2021. There are no new discoveries of mines that may replace that amazing mine. Even if a new mine was discovered, it would take about 15 years before strarting the mining activity. After 2021, there will be only the stocks inside the mine, until they will be depleted.

In 2000, on 25 million carats of rough diamonds extracted from Argyle, less than 10 thousands of them were pink and only 10% of them (100) were 1 carat each. The average year appreciation of its value ranged from 15% to 35% according to the intensity of the color.

Is it a value against crisis?

Diamonds are not only girls’ best friends, but also those of an investor.

The diamond is the smallest good of the world, but its value is greater than its volume.
Considering that a carat is equal to 20 grams, the diamond value of each milligram has a higher value than any other exchanged valuables in the world.

The value of a diamond is useful against crisis and increases long-term profits, beyond any value fluctuations, bank crisis and variations in stock/obligation market.

  • The age of a natural diamond ranges from 900.000 (for the youngest ones) to 3 billion years (for the geolocially oldest ones);
  • The Natural Diamond is considered a safe-haven asset, like a house or gold.

The importance of recognized certifications

The diamond for investment has to be certified by internationally recognized institutes of certifications:

  • HRD Antwerp (head office in Anversa);
  • IGI (International Gemmological Institute, head office in Anversa);
  • GIA (Gemological Institute of America, head office in California).

The diamonds that are certified by internationally recognized laboratories guarantee their reselling all over the world.

The 4C

The main characteristics of a diamond for investment

The diamond for investment is a precious stone that increases its value over time.

  • There is an international price list for natural colorless diamonds, expressed in dollars and named Idex that suggests a retail price, still there is another price list for wholesale exchanges named Rapaport;
  • There is no international price list for natural color diamonds, the value depends especially on the rarity of the stone.
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