The diamond is not a financial good.

The diamond is a precious stone and it is not easy to understand the various types of quality and value. The diamond protects and creates your value, but it is important to choose it wisely.

The diamond for investment is a rare stone that is especially sold by specialized companies.

Investing in excellence

Historically, diamonds value has a constant growing, unlike other precious metals and financial products that are very instable year after year.

Today, the diamond for investment is the only real safe-haven asset of the new millenium.

The rarity establishes the value of diamonds for investment

The rarity of diamonds has always been the element that establishes their value.

The diamond is not a financial good

2017 mining – Total of rough diamonds: 134 millions of carats.

In 2017, the extraction of rough diamonds was about 134 millions of carats, only 20% of diamonds has the right quality to become jewels. Only 1,5% of them can be calssified as diamond for investment.


Gold is considered a financial safe-haven asset, but it is too instable, it can increase or decrease in a short space of time. The instability of gold depends on its price that is influenced by many factors that can’t be controlled, as the dollar quotation, the performance of central banks, inflation, monetary politics, stock market and others.

It is interesting to see that from 2008 to 2018, in 10 years, gold increased of 123%, while from 2011 to 2016, in 5 ears, it decreased of 42%.

Heavy tax regime. The state asks for 26% of the taxes on the capital gain when you buy.


The brick between myth and legend, a dream that can’t come true anymore

In 1992 the inflation decreased under 5%, the growth of real estate prices was below the inflation rate (+2,6%). The speculative bubble relative to 2004-2007 has produced a crisis 10 year long with loss of value up to 30-40%.

ISTAT: 2017 was the sixth consecutive year of price decline. Compared to 2010 there was -20,5%. Today, investing in a house is considered a not ready money investment and has high costs: it is very instable in case of recession because it is impossible to liquidate the investment without any losses. The great innovation in building materials makes the value very vulnerable because of the obsolescence of the materials and the criterions used for the construction.

Taxes suppress the second house: VAT + IMU + Rubbish Tax + Rent Tax. Difficulties in evicting those who do not pay the rent.

Esample of 180.000 € investment in an estate and in a series of diamonds for investment:

  1. In 22 years the value of a house will range from 166.000 to 330.000 Euros.
  2. In 22 years the value of a series of diamonds for investment will range from 278.000 to 426.000 Euros.

Diamond for Investment: only if certified

The certification is the main element when you choose a diamond. This certification has to be realeased by internationally recognized gemological institutes.

Why do you need a certification? Because it has to identify the stone and all its characteristics as clarity, color, cut, weight and carat. All these elements will determine the price.

The main internationally recognized institutes of certifications are:

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