Only Certified Diamonds

The gems treated by Real Diamond Invest are exclusively of high quality level and have been selected only with the following characteristics:

  • Carat: from 0,50 ct up;
  • Clarity: IF or VVS1 or VVS2;
  • Cut, symmetry and proportions: excellent – very good;
  • Colour: D – E – F;
  • Flourescence: none or faint.

Request for Certification

Would you like to have your stone certified? Or a diamond removed from your ring to be evaluated? Real Diamond Invest looks after your precious stone during its course, with insured values in transit, included in the price of the certification.

Estimate of Antiques Jewels

Service of analysis and estimate of jewels or antique diamonds, with a “workshop” service where you can renew your ring.



Real Diamond Invest delivers for free whole over Italy and in the European Comunity. Deliveries are insured for 100% of the value and are guaranteed. Delivery time in Italy in 24/48 h.



Real Diamond Invest assist the customer without time limit. In case of resale, Real Diamond Invest undertakes a sales mandate from the customer for the placing of the diamond on the market at safe prices and in real time.


Storage Option

When you buy a diamond there are different storage options: keep it in a safe deposit in the bank, or keep in the safe of ones home or in one of our safety vault, where it would be protected and insured.


Each gem has its one certificate issued by the most important internationally recognized gemological institutes and states the absolute authenticity and quality guaranteed by the seal, as well as the number of certificate of analysis.

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