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The use of the Website implies the acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions of Use. If you do not accept all the Terms and Conditions of Use, please exit this Website immediately.


1.1 For the purposes of these conditions of use, by User we mean the person who benefits from the services offered by the website both if he or she merely consults the information included therein and if he or she makes use of the reserved areas.

1.2 The use of the website is governed by these terms and conditions of use, the acceptance of which constitutes an agreement between the User and the Owner and is provided by the mere fact of browsing the web pages.

1.3 Further rules and conditions may be established by the Owner to regulate single services offered on the Website: the User shall comply with them in order to use the related goods and services.

1.4 The law applicable to relations arising from the use of the service is the Italian law, in the light of which the present conditions of use must also be interpreted.

1.5 By the term “Holder of the service” is univocally meant Real Diamond Invest s.r.l. with registered office in Piazza IV Novembre, 4, 20124 Milano.

1.6 The Owner reserves the right to make changes, even substantial, at any time to these terms and conditions of use, informing the User by publishing them on the Website. Any access subsequent to the modification implies the complete acceptance by the User of the new conditions of use.

1.7 The text mentions strictly computer-related terms, commonly recognized and of unambiguous meaning which, until otherwise expressly requested, are assumed to be known and understood by the User of the website and the related services.


2.1 The User agrees not to access the reserved areas if he or she is not the tre and legitimate owner of the access.


3.1 The User is obliged to use the website and the services offered to him/her in full and constant respect of the law, of public order and of morality and of the provisions of these terms of use.

3.2 If the user enters his/her personal area to add or modify his/her personal data, he/she is obliged to give true information and necessary to use the website and the related services.

3.3 When the user activates the account, he/she is obliged to use his/her own account and the related password and user-id properly, considering the legal consequences related to this use.

3.4 The user must keep his/her user-id and password diligently, and in the event of removal or loss he/she is obliged to communicate it immediately and ask for cancellation.

3.5 The User is obliged to communicate immediately to the Owner about the loss or removal of his/her user-id and password: otherwise, all the manifestation of will, the acts and the facts of legal effects done through the User account will be atrtibuted to the latter.

3.6 Real Diamond Invest s.r.l. is not responsible for the illegal consultation of personal data contained in the reserved area due to not allowed third parties who came in contact with the User’s authentication credentials because of his/her negligence.

3.7 The User is prohibited from copying or otherwise learning the contents of the website, in all its parts, for uses other than strictly personal ones and, in any case, for commercial use, without prejudice to the regulations on copyright and/or industrial law.

3.8 If the user publishes the contents of the website on a Social Network, through their own account, they assume all responsibility that may derive from this.


4.1 The Owner commits to providing the User with the online usability of the website and the services offered to him/her, as well as the communication tools connected to them, ensuring their implementation compatibly with the current state of development of the IT tools.

4.2 The Owner has the right to use communication and/or publication tools alternative and/or accessory to the Website, in order to make the services offered to the Users usable.

4.3 The Owner is not responsible for any use of this website and the related services in violation of the law, morality or public order, or in breach of the provisions of these conditions of use.

4.4 The Owner does not offer any guarantee regarding the periodic updating of the information entered in the website.

4.5 The Owner shall not be liable for any damage and/or loss and/or malfunctioning and/or impairment of any kind that may result to the User’s computer from the use of the service provided, nor for any contamination of the computer system deriving from the access, interconnection, downloading of material and computer programs from the website; the related repair/recovery costs remain the User’s responsibility.


5.1 This website is protected by copyright laws in force in Italy.

5.2 The User is prohibited, for profit, from copying or otherwise learning, publishing, disseminating, transmitting or otherwise making available, even partially and/or after modifications, what is published on the website, except for cases in which this is expressly provided for in the website, such as for the publication on social networks of certain contents.

5.3 Any information related to personal data and sent electronically by the Users to the Website will be treated in full compliance with the apllicable laws and guideline on the processing of personal data given by Real Diamond Invest srl (Privacy Policy).


6.1 The Owner reserves the unilateral right to modify, suspend or interrupt the website and the related services, as well as the modification, suspension or interruption of the single User’s account and connected communication tools.


7.1 due to its configuration regarding layout and content, is designed to be used by people who are in Italy, it does not provide any warranty about the fact that its contents are in compliance with the applicable laws outside the Italian territory.

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