Literally you can hold a million dollar diamond on your fingertips

Color diamonds are an insufficient natural resource, without any new supplies for the future.

Colored diamonds have long been considered the most concentrated form of wealth. The relationship between size and value makes them the most precious natural resource in the world.

More About Pink Diamonds

Argyle Diamonds – One of the biggest mines in the world


The Argyle Diamond Mine, 100% owned by Rio Tinto, produces about 20 million carats per year in the East Kimberly region, in the deep North of West Australia. The Argyle mine has been operational since the early ‘80s and produces 95% of the pink diamonds in the world, occasionally they can be also found in other mines (Brazil, Russia and India).


Inside the Argyle mine, pink diamonds are extremely rare, they are less than 1% of the mined diamonds. Rio Tinto, the mine’s owner, said that the mine will be closed by 2021 because there will be no diamonds left in the mine.


There are no further discoveries about new mines that may replace the Argyle mine. This closure makes the pink diamond an excellent opportunity for investment that offers a mid and long-term important profit.

Color Diamonds Classification

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