Where red diamonds come from

Most of the red diamonds come from the Argyle mine in Australia. They also can be found in Brazil, Russia and India.

Why they are red

Red diamonds, as pink diamonds do, get their color because of a natural event of very strong pressure that causes the twisting of the crystalline lattice, by refracting the light and releasing this color.

Red is the most requested hue by the fancy color diamond collectors.

RED DIAMOND – The rarest one

Red diamonds are the rarest ones in the world and they are vey requested by collectors. The offer is very restricted and soon it will be sold out when the Argyle’s mine will be closed in Australia. Since the prices are increasing year after year, people are trying to buy one.

The 2,11 carats red diamond known as The Argyle Everglow has been evaluated by GIA (Gemological Institut of America) as a Fancy Red VS2 diamond. Less than 20 ct Fancy Red, produced in this mine, were certified in the last 33 years. The Fancy Red Argyle Everglow is the second biggest Fancy Red Diamond in the world, the first is the Moussaieff Red weighing 5,11 carats.

Famous Diamonds

The Moussaief Red was discovered by a farmer in the mid-‘90s in Brazil. It is a brilliant triangle-shaped cut diamond (ruby red), internally perfect, which weighs 5.11 carats. It is the biggest red diamond in the world and its estimated value was 8 million dollars in 2002.

Yellow Diamonds

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Blue Diamonds

Pink Diamonds

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