Where pink diamonds come from

The Argyle mine, located in Australia, produces 90% of natural pink diamonds in the world, but less than 1% of the production of diamonds from this mine is pink.

This makes the pink diamond a very rare stone, destined to become less and less naturally available.

Why they are pink

Pink diamonds get their color because of a natural event of very strong pressure that causes the twisting of the crystalline lattice, by refracting the light and releasing this color.

Next closure…

The Argyle mine in Australia will be closing over 2021.

Prices index in the three types of color intensity, pink diamond (1,00 ct).


Fancy – Fancy Intense – Fancy Vivid

Famous Diamonds

The Graff Pink is a fancy intense pink diamond weighing 24,78 ct (one of the rarest stones), with emerald cut. It has been described as “one of the greatest diamonds ever discovered”. Its origin and history were unknown til the 1950’s, when Harry Winston, a famous jeweller form New York, sold it to an anonymous buyer. In 2010, the jewel was sold at Sotheby’s auction in Geneva and the starting price was 38 million dollars. Laurence Graff, a Londoner jeweller, bought it for 46 million dollars, the most expensive price ever paid for a diamond at that time.

3 Main Factors

The three main factors to better understand the color of the fancy color diamonds and the value differences among the single stones: hue, saturation and tone.

  • HUE: (the main color of the diamond);
  • SATURATION: (how strong or weak the color is);
  • TONE: (how bright or dark the color is).

Il rosa è uno dei colori più rari, nel mondo dei diamanti colorati. A differenza dei diamanti gialli, che comprendono oltre il 60% di tutti i diamanti colorati, i rosa naturali rientrano nella stessa categoria dei blu e dei rossi per la loro estrema rarità. A causa del loro colore sorprendente e della loro estrema rarità, i diamanti rosa rappresentano eccellenti opportunità di investimento.

Yellow Diamonds

Green Diamonds

Blue Diamonds

Red Diamonds

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