Where green diamonds come from

Rough green diamonds especially come from Africa and South America.

Why they are green

Green diamonds get this color because of their million years exposure to natural radiations. Uniform green color diamonds are extremely rare.

During the mining, the chance to find an intense color diamond is 1 in 25.000

Famous Diamonds

Dresden Green is a 41 carats natural green diamond, probably found in the Kollur mine in India in 1700. It was bought by Augustus III of Poland from a Dutch merchant in 1742 at the Leipzig Fair. In 1768, the diamond was incorporated into an extremely valuable hat ornament, surrounded by two large and 411 medium-sized and small diamonds. Today, the diamond is shown in the New Green Vault at Dresden Castle.

3 Main Factor

The three main factors to better understand the color of the fancy color diamonds and the value differences among the single stones: hue, saturation and tone.

  • HUE: (the main color of the diamond);
  • SATURATION: (how strong or weak the color is);
  • TONE: (how bright or dark the color is).

Most of the green diamonds have yellow, blue or grey as secondary color. These variations of hue, tone and saturation can make the difference concerning the price of the gem. The most precious green diamonds have a pure green color, a medium tone and a strong saturation.

Yellow Diamonds

Blue Diamonds

Pink Diamonds

Red Diamonds

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