Where blue diamonds come from

Rough blue diamonds mainly come from Australia, South Africa and sometimes from India.

Why they are blue

Blue diamonds get their color because of boron. They are extremely rare and generally are a little grey. Very few stones are mined each year.

In the world there is not a diamond that looks like another one.

Prices index in the three types of color intensity, blue diamond (1,00 ct)


Fancy – Fancy Intense – Fancy Vivid


Famous Diamonds

The biggest blue diamond in the world is the Idol’s Eye, 70,21 ct. Around 1607, the stone is said to have been belonged to a persian prince named Rehab. In 1947, the Idol’s Eye is sold to Mrs May Bonfils Stanton, Frederick G. Bonfils’s daughter, the publisher and co-founder of the Denver Post newspaper, who liked wearing the Idol’s Eye to breakfast every morning. According to a romantic tale, the Idol’s Eye has been torn from a statue’s eye of a Hindu deity venerated in India.

3 Main Factors

The three main factors to better understand the color of the fancy color diamonds and the value differences among the single stones: hue, saturation and tone.

  • hue: (the main color of the diamond)
  • saturation: (how strong or weak the color is)
  • tone: (how bright or dark the color is)

Natural blue diamonds are about 1,8% of all the fancy color diamonds.

Unlike the colorless diamonds, clarity and cut are not the most the important factors when you buy a color diamond. The three elements that rise its value are: rarity, color intensity and weight.

Yellow Diamonds

Green Diamonds

Pink Diamonds

Red Diamonds

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