Which are the fancy color diamonds?


The formation process of a fancy color diamond or of a colorless one is the same:

the crystallization of carbon molecules at high pressure.

What changes?

If during this process, supposed to be between 900 million and 3 billion years, some macro and microelements (which are very few) remain inside the diamond structure, the diamond will be colored.



1 in a 10.000

natural mined diamonds can be classified as fancy color diamond.

Some curiosity about the fancy color diamonds

  • Natural yellow diamonds are formed because of nitrogen. Among the fancy color diamonds, they are the most common ones (60% of the diamonds).
  • Natural blue diamonds are formed because of boron. They are extremely rare and generally are a little grey.
  • Natural green diamonds are formed because of a natural irradiation. For this reason, the color green isn’t uniform insied the stone. It is very rare.
  • Natural pink diamonds get this extraordinary color when the heat and the pressure cause the distortion of the crystal lattice into the depths of the Earth. These distortions make the pink diamonds absorb the green light and become pink. Pink diamonds may contain orange, brown or violet nuances. They are very rare, but the natural red diamonds are much more rare.
  • Natural brown diamonds were considered to be useful just for the industrial use until the ‘80s, when a high number of brown diamonds appeared in the Australian production, the producers decided to include them in jewelry.

Quality Characteristics:
the 4Cs of fancy color diamonds

le 4 c

Diamonds Value

quotazioni diamanti


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