Diamonds Certifications

When you buy a diamond, you should know that it is a rare and precious good, so it is important to easily identifiy all its characteristics without any error.

The main internationally recognized institutes of certifications:

  • GIA (Gemological Institute of America, head office in California);
  • IGI (International Gemmological Institute, head office in Anversa);
  • HRD Antwerp (head office in Anversa).

Real Diamond Invest suggests, to facilitate the future reselling, to buy certified stones only from the three best laboratories worldwide (GIA, IGI, HRD).

You can always verify if your stone certification is true, by visiting the website of the gemological laboratory that has released it: you insert the carat weight and the certification number in the specific research field and a copy of your certification will appear on screen.

logo hrd

HRD Antwerp

logo igi


(International Gemological Institute)

logo gia


(Gemological Institute of America)

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