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Real Diamond Invest is a company dealing in the international trading of diamonds and boasts extended connections to the most important diamond bourses, working every day with Antwerp, Tel Aviv and Mumbai.

We offer:

  • Broker services for the purchase of diamonds of every carat, for those investors who want to add diamonds to their investment portfolio, in order to increase profitability, variety and stability;
  • Advice services examining investment plans suitable with the goals and budget of the customer.

Real Diamond Invest is “The diamond atelier” and operates throughout Italy. Real Diamond Invest presents a network of professionals, with a long-time experience in this field, able to offer a good knowledge about the gems and the commercial characteristics of the diamond on which resources can be invested. We propose only certified diamonds at international level.

The Tradition

The diamond is the most precious stone in nature. According to the historical tradition, the diamond is a magical stone able to intensify everyone’s energy. It gives strenght and highlights our beauty.

The sense of Beauty

In each century, the ideal beauty was inspired by woman, but it has changed because of the society and the aesthetic taste of each century. Sensuality, charm, elegance, magnetism and seduction represent the standard of beauty. Today, every woman has to appreciate and love herself.

The Diamond

The ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were fragments of stars fallen on earth and they were enchanted by their beauty. The beauty of a diamond depends on its own special way of reflecting light. This light gives to the diamond brightness and brilliance and it is able to capture the white light and give it back to the human eye.

The special beauty of a diamond and its game of lights is higher than any other natural stones: that’s why it causes deep emotions in those who have one.


investire in diamanti

A secure investment for the future combined with the immortal beauty of the diamond.


quotazioni diamanti

Find out the current prices of the diamonds and choose your investment.


classificazioni diamanti

Find out how to recognize and choose a white diamond for investment.


Find out how to recognize and choose a color diamond for investment.

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